Africa Canvas

In August, I'm going on a mission trip to Africa. Rwanda to be more exact. It feels big and exciting and impossible and crazy. But I'm going. In an effort to sort through some emotions surrounding this trip, I created this canvas. Art really does help me understand and identify my emotions more than anything else. This canvas helped me go from nervous to more excited than nervous. I love that about art! I don't have any step by step photos because I was really just in the moment with this. But I can explain my process.

I started with a black canvas. I picked up a pack of these at Michaels a while ago and still figuring out how to use them. Since I am planning to hang this in my room, I don't mind a dark background, just not black. So I mixed some browns and blacks and blues until I was happy with this dark shade. I covered the whole canvas with it. 
Then, using my finger, I smeared some dark blue paint along the edges to provide a bit of a frame.
Next, I worked on the cut out "Africa". For this, I used a piece of painted and stenciled paper and my Scan N Cut. I found an outline of the continent on the internet and used the online software to cut it out. It worked great! Then I used the side of my paintbrush to apply the dark brown paint to the sides so there weren't any harsh lines. 
Before adhering the cut out to the canvas, I used some water downed paint to create some paint splatters. I didn't want the background to be too plain. 
Using matte medium, I adhered and sealed my die cut to front.
For a finishing touch, I threw on a bit of white marble glitter. It looks more like sand than glitter and adds a bit of texture.

I hope next you are unsure of how you are feeling about something, that you will try to create through those emotions. It can bring so much clarity to a situation! Thanks for stopping by today!

PS: If you are interested in hearing more about my trip, feel free to email me!