Upcoming Workshops!

I’m so excited to share with you two workshops I’m teaching in the next several weeks! The first one is called Collage Word Pendant and the second one is Art Journaling Basics. Both classes will take place at Sulfur Studios in Savannah. 
These classes focus on taking a more mindful approach to art. If you’ve been around here for a bit, then you’ve probably noticed that I love color and I love words. And combining the two in a mindful way brings me great joy. In these classes, I will walk you through an exercise of focusing on words to use in your art. Then we will work with various mediums to give them a visual representation. The process of creating art like this has been powerful in my life. It has helped me work through various emotions and situations. As well as providing a creative outlet just for the joy of it. 
I hope that you will consider taking one (or both of these) classes. If you come in with an open mind, I know you can grow and discover more about yourself through this process. 

Here are the nitty gritty details. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. Also, if you know anyone that would enjoy these classes, please feel free to share this information. 


Collage Pendants 

Thursday, March 29, 2018
6:00 PM  8:00 PM
$45.00 per student
This class will focus on choosing a “guiding word” and creating a pendant and necklace to showcase it. We will cover basic jewelry techniques with an added focus on mixed media methods. Most of the supplies will be provided. Students are encouraged to bring any beads they wish to incorporate in their piece. 


Art Journaling Basics 

Saturday, April 21, 2018
1:00 PM  5:00 PM
$65.00 per student
In this four hour class, we will explore art journaling techniques in an altered book journal. We will start by making our journals from used hardback books and various materials. Then, we will cover the basics of creating backgrounds using paints, inks, stencils, and other materials. We will explore various methods for adding layers and finishing touches. Most of the supplies will be provided, including the book for a journal. 

Collage Word Pendant

A few weeks ago, I taught a couple of creative workshops with adult women. First of all, I love teaching. I always have -whether it’s to a classroom of stuffed animals or a group of adults. I especially loved this doing this project with women. So much that I had to share it with you!

To get started, I walked the women through a short exercise to identify a word or phrase to use on thier pendant. If you’re up for it, we can do it together now.  

First, take out a sheet of paper. Allow yourself to be unfiltered with this. :)  Then answer the following questions with as many words or phrases that come to mind. 

-What values would you like yo invite into your life? 

-What characteristics do you admire about yourself and others? 

-What characteristics would you like to cultivate in your life? 

Look over your list. Is there a word that really captures what you want? If not, look up your words in a dictionary, thesaurus, books and magazines. You may have some words listed more than once or words that are similar. This is a great place to start. The post from earlier this week is week is a good place for inspiration as well. And remember- you can always do more than one pendant. Once you have your word, you’re ready to get started on the project!


Ultra Thick Embossing Powder

Heat Gun

Basic Jewelry supplies

book text or similar  

Thin wood slice

Collage papers




1) Using old books, find your word and cut it out. You can also use stamps, typewriter, or write out your word.

2) Add a layer of paper to the wood slice using liquid glue. You don’t have to worry about having perfect edges here. Also, mywood slice had a hole in the top. Add one if yours doesn’t.

3) Collage an image or elements related to your word on top of your paper. Since my word is blossom, I chose to create a flower. Thinner paper works better here than card stock. Add your word on top.

4) Cut any access paper from the sides. Seal with a layer of glue.

5) Apply a few layers of Ultra Thick Embossing Powder to give it a hard, shiny, water-resistant finish. If you don’t have the powder, you can seal with acrylic medium. Be sure to keep the hole open when using the powder. Add a jump ring and attach to a necklace or key ring. You can take this an extra step by creating a beaded necklace for your pendant.


I guess now the only question left to ask: 


Gelli Printed Earrings

So last week, I bought a cool tripod arm that I could hang above my head to film some videos. I played around with it enough to make sure the placement was right. Then today, I was set to make these earrings and a video to go with it. Well, that's not what happened. I was able to make the video. However, it was too big of a file to transfer off of my phone. Therefore, no video this time, but hopefully next time.

These earrings started off as printed cardstock. Then I covered it with Ice Resin. Lastly, I poked the two holes and added the beads and ear wires. This is really an easy project! And a great way to use up some paper you have lying around.

Thank so much for stoping by today! Please let me know if you have questions or comments.

Adventures in Ice Resin

I recently moved to a new house. So that means for a few weeks my art supplies were in boxes and I had no surface to work on. Once I had a few things unpacked and accessible, I was itching to create! I also recently purchased Ice Resin and was excited to try it. I don't have step by step photos of this project because I was really just playing around. But I'm excited about how it turned out so I'll give you the run down. 

It all started with some Gelli Printed pages on tracing paper. You could really use any kind of paper here. Here is a shot of the larger piece. The cool thing about this project is you only see a small portion of the print. 

Then, I created a wire frame and shaped it into a teardrop shape. I used sliver aluminum wire because it is easy to shape by hand. I cut a piece of the printed paper just slightly larger than this shape. 

Next, I used the Ice Resin to cover the front and back of the paper. If you use something like tracing paper or deli paper, it should become clear where the paper isn't painted. It's pretty cool! I let the resin paper dry overnight. 

The next day, I used a bit of strong glue to attach the resin paper to the wire frame. I added a few paint splatters and some microbeads. Then I filled in with more resin to seal everything together. This took about a day and half to be fully dry. The hardest part of this whole project is waiting for everything to dry. To finish it off, I added a few beads and made a twine chain for it. 

I can't wait to wear it!