Crocheted Crossbody Purse

I really love purses, but I’m a little picky. All winter, I wanted a simple crossbody bag to wear on weekends. I could never find one that suited my taste, so I decided to make one. This project was made up as I went. I had a slight idea of how I wanted it to come together, but no real plan to get there. A few things to note: The strap was made first, then used to create the sides and bottom of the bag. I went with two different color grays because I ran out of the dark one along the way. I decided to make the flap diagonal because a straight one was just too plain in my head.

I’m really happy with how it turned out. But now that I’ve finished, it feels too dark and heavy for summer. I guess I will have to wait to till fall to wear it. But at least it will be waiting on me!