Current 5 Must-Have Supplies for Mixed Media

As I've been creating more mixed media projects, I've noticed I'm reaching for the same tools and supplies over and over. So I thought I would share those with you today. 

1) Blick Matte Acrylic Paint
Why I love it: It is thicker than cheap craft paint, but not as expensive as heavy body paint. It also comes in so many colors, but mixes well to make even more colors. I really like that it dries matte but I can mix it with a gloss medium to make it shiny. This gives me more dimension when I do a combination of both in a painting.

2) Heavy Gloss Medium
There are many brands that make a heavy gloss medium. This one just happens to be from Michaels. As I mentioned above, it works great with matte paints. But it also works great on it's own to give some texture and shine.

3) Small canvases
I most like painting on large canvases, but I've enjoyed stretching my creative muscles by painting on a few small canvases at once. 

4) Plastic Palette Knife
This is a fun tool for scrapping paint and mediums across the surface for a cool texture. I also use it scrap leftover paint off my palette or when applying texture pastes through a stencil. It's a versatile tool. You can also use an old hotel key card in a pinch!

5) My Junk Journal
I have a few of these that I work in spontaneously. When I'm painting, I like to keep one close by for any left over paint. I'm constantly wiping off my paintbrush in it or smooshing it on my palette to pick up some paint I'm not planning to use anymore. It gives me the start of layers for later when I want to art journal. 

What are your must have tools and supplies when creating?