Cut out Canvas Art

I think in some way everyone wants to make the most of their days. I know I do! So how about making a simple art piece that serves as a reminder to make our days count? This canvas artwork hangs in my bathroom where I can see it first when I walk through the door.

Guess what? It’s really easy to make! It just takes a little patience.

Here’s how:
1)   If desired, paint your canvas. You can be as creative as you want with that! Just make sure the paint isn’t too thick to cut through.
2)   Once your paint is dry, trace your letters or design on the back of the canvas. Make sure it is mirrored if it matters with your design.
3)   Using an Xacto knife, follow along the lines to cut out your design. Remember to protect your cutting surface.
4)   Turn your canvas over and admire your work! You’re done!

There are so many possibilities for making this project your own.

Just in case anyone is wandering- My letters were cut from the CTMH Artise Cricut Cartridge.

If you give this a try, please share! You can post a link in the comments or email me directly at 

Now go make today count!