DIY Patio Cushions

When it's nice outside, I love sitting on the patio! My metal mesh chairs can get a little hard, so I decided to make cushions. 

They are very simple cushions that can be made in an hour or so.
Here is what I did:
1) Cut two pieces of fabric to cover the chair adding about an inch on each side for the seams.
2) With the wrong sides together, sew around all sides, leaving a hole for the stuffing.
    *If you are adding ties, like my top cushion- sew them in the inside along one side. My ribbons were about eight inches in length.
3) Stuff with stuffing of choice (ei, Poly-fil, cotton balls, strips of old fabric)
4) Fold in and pin your final seam. 
5) Sew along the edge making sure to sew longer than just the opening. This will ensure it won't come apart later. 

You're done! Now go enjoy an iced beverage on your cushy patio!