Dress to Shirt Makeover

I had this dress that I loved! It had a chicken print on it. I know that may sound a little weird. I called it the Chicken Dress. I'm not usually in the habit of naming my clothes. I just really liked this dress and it seemed fitting. Honestly, I can't really explain why loved it so much, I just do. Well after one too many wash cycles, it has become too short for a mature, modest woman in her late twenties. So, it hung sadly in my closet for a while. Then it sat sadly in the Goodwill pile for a while. Then it went back to my closet for a little longer. I just couldn't let go of it. Finally, I came up with a solution! I could just make it into a shirt! It would be prefect with jeans on a spring day! And so, the Chicken Dress-Now Shirt lives on happily.
It was actually really easy to do! (Please excuse the headless photo-It was a no makeup, messy hair kind of day)

Here are the basic steps. I'm not including any measurements, because those are really specific to the clothing and your body type.
1) First I tried the dress on again, just in case it grew a few inches. No such luck.
2) While wearing the dress, I decided how long I wanted the shirt to be. I put in a couple of straight pins to mark that spot.
3) After I carefully took the dress off, I laid it out on the table. I added more pins about two inches down from the first ones. These are my cutting guides.
4) Before cutting, I held the dress against me to measure again. I didn't want to ruin it by not checking twice.
5) Then I cut the bottom part off.
6) Lastly, I hemmed up the edges. Depending on the fabric and the look you want, you may be able to skip this step. For example, jersey fabric doesn't fray and doesn't have to be hemmed.
Here is my finished shirt.

Simple, right? It just takes a little patience and measuring. I would love to see your dress to shirt redos!
Thanks so much for stopping by!