Free Mixed Media Supplies

As I'm sure you know, arts and crafts can get pricey sometimes. Those supplies add up fast. But today, I wanted to share with you a list of free (or almost free) supplies that you may already have!

-Magazines. I love using home goods catalogs. They usually have swatches of colors and patterns that can be cut up and added to your project.
-Books. I’ll admit it took me some time before I felt comfortable ripping up a book. I told myself I had to read it first. Then I got over myself. 😃 Book text is so great for backgrounds, stamped or drawn images, die cuts, anything really. Just have fun with it.
-Telephone book. I don’t think they deliver these to doors anymore, but you can find them at the phone company usually. 
-Digital Images/fonts to print
-Cereal/Cracker Boxes. I love these for journal covers or in place of canvas.
-Gift boxes. I like to paint the front as if it’s a canvas then you can still use it as a box.
-Buttons from clothing. You save those little bags of extra buttons that come with your clothing, right? You can use those bags too.
-Fabric from old clothing. Chances are you have a box of clothes you don’t want anymore. This is a great place to find fabric that can be added to your mixed media projects.
-Shopping Bags. Not the plastic ones (Although you can do some cool stuff with those.) But the ones that you get at boutiques and fancier stores. 
-Junk mail. The envelopes are cool to create pockets on your projects. The letters are fun the print over. 

I keep supplies like these in a box under my work table. It's easy to grab a small piece when I'm working on a project or wanting to use up leftover paint. 

What free supplies have you used in your art?