Layers, Ogres, and Paint

"Onions have layers. Ogres have layers. Onions have layers. You get it? We both have layers." -Shrek

There are two things that seem to always show up in my work: layers and reused materials. Today I'm going to talk about layers.

I love working in layers. It’s such a process all on it’s own. And everything changes from one layer to next. If I don’t like something, I know it can be covered up or altered. If I like something I can try to save it from other layers, but I can never truly protect it. Letting a painting evolve takes time and patience. Just like discovering our souls. People, like onions and ogres, have some many layers. And the more time we take to discover those layers the better human beings we become. Art is one way I discover my layers. With each painting or project, I leave a little bit of my old self behind and learn a little more about my true soul. Like onions, self discovery is not always a glamorous process. But it’s leading me to something much better. 

With the painting of this girl, I started with a layered green background. Then I sketched her face and started to paint her. I didn't intend to make her look like ogre, it just happened. I've noticed I usually paint faces in unnatural colors. As I worked on her more and more, I realized the background wasn't right. This happens to me often. The good thing is, the green background didn't go to waste. It was used to tint my new teal background. That's one of the cool things about layering- everything seems to slightly affect the next layer. 

So I hope that you are taking some time to peel back your layers. And don’t forget to laugh. Life is no fun when you take yourself too seriously!  
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