Mornings and a Red Balloon

This morning I woke up early, before my alarm went off. I’ve actually been doing this while and I like it. It helps me steal away some of the early morning moments for painting, creative play, and prayer. It’s like my body and mind know I need it more than extra sleep. I like to watch the sun come up through the trees before I actually get out of bed and start painting. This morning, I finished up a small painting I had started a few months ago. I knew it wasn’t quite finished then. But I put it away as if it were. Then yesterday, I started thinking about what to give my friend for her upcoming birthday and I remembered this painting. She has a thing for red balloons. She even has a photo of one on the home screen of her phone. It comes from a children’s book but I can’t remember what it’s called. All it took to finish this painting was taking the magenta balloon to red and having someone to give it to. I find it difficult sometimes to create for unknown people. Most of the time I just try to create for myself, even if I don’t intend on keeping it. Other times, images and stokes flow quite easily.
Thank you for stopping by today and spending a few of your spare moments with me.