My Lettering Technique

With my upcoming trip to Rwanda, I've received some super sweet support from family and friends. I wanted to thank them with special "thank you" notes. Using my faux lettering technique, I came up with these. I'll walk you through how I made them!

First, I started with an printed outline of Africa. 

Then with a pencil, I scripted out my words. This is where I played around to get the shape of the letters right.

Next, I used a fine tip black pen to outline it all. Keep in mind, at this point, it doesn't have to be perfect. This is all about getting the base outlined.

Next, I went back with my pencil and added a thicker line on the downstrokes of each of the letters. The downstrokes are simply where you naturally would pull down on the pen if you were using a calligraphy pen. If you're unsure, pretend to be writing the word and see where you are pulling down. 

Lastly, I filled in the thicker lines and cleaned up any lines that weren't smooth. Don't forget to erase your pencil lines.

I took everything a step further using my digital die cutter to make them into card fronts from printed papers. I used Matte Medium to adhere them to kraft cardstock.

I love how they turned out!!