Painted Ceramic Tile

As I mentioned a bit ago, I recently took a trip to Pittsburgh to visit my sister. This is still a new to me city and I enjoyed exploring it! My sister made sure the trip would be inspiring to me! She's the best!
One of the coolest places we went was called Construction Junction. It's basically Goodwill for construction materials. They had everything from used furniture, to used toilets (lol), to pieces of salvage wood and materials. I was so interested in looking through everything I didn't take any pictures! However, I purchased a set of 10 white square tiles for $1.50. I knew somehow they would make a fun painting surface! 

For this first tile, I stenciled some flowers with texture paste. After a few hours of drying time, I add some acrylic paint. As it happens, acrylic paint doesn't like to stick to this non-porous surface. I kind of figured that would be the case, but decided to anyhow. While I was wiping the paint off, I saw that it actually tinted the texture paste more than usual. My original thought was I could get the pink paint in the background and wipe it off the paste leaving white flowers. I was left with opposite which looked really cool. So now I had to decide what to do with the background. Realizing the mediums were drying on the tile better than regular paint, I mixed a little matte medium with teal paint. I used a palette knife to smooth on the mixture and add a few details. After drying overnight, I called it finished!

I really love how the colors turned out with this one! I'm going to add a way to hang it on the wall.