Personalized Name Journal DIY

Hi! Have we met? I’m Casey and I’m addicted to making journals.
Whew! I’m glad we got that out in the open! 
But seriously. If you’ve been around for a bit, you may have noticed that already. Luckily for me, my sister is a writer and goes through journals pretty fast. And even if she hasn’t filled one up, she is happy to take more. So when I have an idea for a journal, I usually make it to suit her tastes. Or for today’s journal, I just put her name on it front and center!

This journal is pretty simple. I think I completed it in about 20 minutes. That’s not bad at all. Even though I used paint, the clean up was quick as well. It is also so easy to customize using the supplies you have on hand. I like projects like that!

Here is what I used:

Die cut letters for the name
Xyron sticker maker with repositionable adhesive
Three colors of acrylic paint
Paint Drying Time Extender
Squares of Fun Foam
Rubber stamps
White gel pen
Cardstock for the cover
Filler paper for the inside
Twine for the stitching

Here is how I made it:

1) I started by cutting my letters and adding the repositionable adhesive using the Xyron Sticker Maker.

2) Then, I lined them up on the side of the journal. 

3) When my letters were ready, I moved on to setting up my paint pads. I made temporary ink pads using fun foam, paint, and paint drying time extender. If you don’t have the extender, you can still do this. You may just need to add more paint throughout the stamping. I added a small dollop of paint and a drop or two of extender to each foam pad. Then used a paintbrush to spread in a thin layer. Now it will work just like an ink pad.

4) Once all this set up was complete, I was ready to start stamping.
A few things to remember about the stamping: 
- To make the lines of the letters stand out, cluster your stamping around the letters.
- Don’t forget to stamp designs within the holes of the letters as well.
- Using a paint color that contracts highly with the cardstock will make the letters stand out even more. Think of it on a light to dark spectrum. I used white on navy for this.

5) When all the stamping was complete, I gave it a few minutes to dry. My paint dried pretty quickly, even with the extender. 

6) Then I carefully peeled off my letters and admired my results!

7) I decided I wanted the letters to stand out a bit more, so I traced around the inside with a white gel pen. 

8) The last part is to stitch the journal up. I used this method. It’s currently my favorite.

This design is only the starting point of what you can do with this technique! Here are a few more suggestions:
- Use an inspiring word instead of a name
- Use stencils to make the designs in place of the stamps
- Free hand your designs with paint or pens
- Use only one color to make a bolder look
- Instead of die cut letters use store bought stickers. Just make sure you lessen the sticky by pouncing the sticky side on a sweater or shirt.

As always, I would love to see how you use this tutorial! Feel free to leave a link to your project in the comments below or email it to me. And if you have questions, let me know.

Thanks for stopping today!