Quick Crochet Cowl

In many parts of the country, we have welcomed Spring with open arms. However, Spring can still bring some cool mornings and evenings. I have a crochet cowl pattern just for those occasions! This cowl can be completed in a few evenings of watching tv. (Is anyone else unable to just sit still and just watch tv?)

Here is how I made it. 
Using an N hook, chain 90 stitches and connect in a loop. In your dominant color, double crochet three rows in a round. I chose to slip stitch between each row, but you could crochet this in a spiral. Using your complimentary color, single crochet two rows. Go back to your first color and double crochet two more rows. Then, in the second color, single crochet two more rows. For the last row, double crochet in the first color. Weave in your ends and you’re finished!

Now you are ready for coolness that might be lingering!