Scrap Yarn Bowl

I like having small bowls or dishes to hold random bits of life. There is a basket by my door that holds my keys and sunglasses. There is a bowl on the top shelf of my cabinet that holds candy. You know for those random (nightly) sweet fixes?
The other day I realized I needed another basket to hold some random crafty stuff while I'm working. My table, floor, and couch get pretty messy when I'm in the middle of creating. I decided to craft it from materials I already had and came up with this crocheted bowl. 

It looks a little wonky but has great character. 
I'm titling this post the Scrap Yarn Bowl because I only used leftover cotton yarn. Three different pieces to be exact. The green and white you see is a variegated yarn. The pink and purple are solids. Before making this bowl, I had never thought of putting these types of yarn together. However, I'm really please with how it turned out! Sometimes you just have to be a little open minded about your supplies. 

To get started, you will need a "J" hook and some cotton yarn. The amount of yarn will depend on the size of your bowl. Make sure to crochet with two strands of yarn at a time. This will make the stitches tight enough to hold the shape of the bowl. 
1) Chain 5 stitches.
2) Connect to make a simple loop. 
3) Single crochet into the loop about 5-8 stitches or until you have closed up the hole.
4) In the next round, crochet two stitches in each stitch for two rounds. 
5) For the third round, crochet two in every other stitch.
6) If you want a bowl with a wider base, you will want to keep adding stitches in each round. Your next round will be added in every third stitch, then in every fourth, and so on. This will help you have a flat bottom. Keep in mind that it takes a few rounds of not adding stitches before you will see the sides turn up. 
7) When you have your base, keep crocheting around until you have the height of the sides you want. 
8) When your bowl is as high as you want, you're almost done!
9) Weave in your ends.
10) Start using your cool new bowl!
Here's a photo of my bowl loaded down with glitter and glitter glue!

I would love to see your bowl and how you use it! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or email me.