Simple Beaded Earrings

I love making my own jewelry! Handmade jewelry is original and unique. I can make tailored pieces for my favorite outfits or simple pieces that go with anything!
Today I am sharing how to make simple beaded earrings. Over the course of this blog, I plan to show you more intricate designs. However, this post will remain a great starting point.  

There are some basic tools and supplies you will need. These can usually be found at any big box craft store or online. 

In the above photo, from right to left, we have: Round Nose Pliers, Wire Cutters, and Needle Nose Pliers. The Round Nose Pliers are smooth and will not leave any grooves on your metal.

In this photo, you see: headpins, beads, and ear wires. If you can't find or don't have headpins, eyepins will work as well. They look similar except they have a loop at the end instead of a nail type head. I purchase my ear wires, but they can be made from wire quite simply. 

Here are the steps to make these. I have step by step photos as well.

The first step is thread your beads on the headpins. You can do in any order. 

Next, using your Round Nose Pliers, create a loop.

Then, use your wire cutters to snip it a little shorter, just above the top bead.

Loop your ear wire on the hoop.

Lastly, use your round nose pliers to close up the loop. Then you're done!
I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial and are inspired to make your own earrings. Please feel free to share your project in the comments or sent it in an email. I would love to hear from you!