Working through the "ugly"

I decided yesterday a bit on a whim that I was going to make a card everyday for two weeks. In two weeks, it will be Valentine's Day and about two weeks before I move into a new place. I've been feeling a little lack luster in the creative department lately. I wanted this to change. I needed it to change. Being as programmatic as always, I decided to lay all the materials the night before. Then there wouldn't be as much indecisiveness when morning came. What I didn't expect was to hate everything I was creating. Sure I've been here before. But I can usually pull it around and feel ok about it. Not this card. Everything I tried felt forced and weird. So why didn't I just ditch it? I knew if I didn't finish it, then I wouldn't make another card or anything for a while. I would feel defeated and unworthy. I would be a quitter. Which is always worse than a failure. So what's my point? Sometimes it's best to just finish it even when you think the project is ugly. I looked at the card again after all day away. I still thought it was ugly. However, I laid out my supplies for tomorrow. I'll be ready to try again in the morning because I didn't let a subpar card get the best of me.