I’ve been making art (or trying to at least) my whole life. But I’ve gotten stiff with it. And lately, I feel like I haven’t been able to create at all. I know everyone goes through peaks and valleys in terms of creativity. I have as well. However, this one seems like a long dry spell that has no end in sight.

Today I finally feel like I’m starting the very slow process of turning that around. Over the last few days, the word playfulness has been popping in my head. Then today, I painted. I painted in a truly playful way. I let random colors mix and make mud. Even when I knew they would. I approached it as, “what color mud will this be?” I doodled with my paintbrush. I smeared paint all over pages without much intent. It really was glorious. I painted several pieces, but this one really sums up what I felt today.