Creative Intention Cards

In November of 2016, I attended a painting workshop with the lovely Flora Blowey. (If you aren’t familiar with her, I suggest you check her out on Instagram.) The workshop was all about painting bravely and intuitively. It was amazing and I highly recommend it!

In our welcome bags, were 12 small blank cards that we could use however we wanted. Some people made color swatches or pattern references. I decided to make intention cards with them. During the weekend, I added small bits of leftover paint to them. After returning home, I let them sit on my art table for a bit, collecting extra layers of paint. Until one day, I decided to finish them.

I had been keeping a list of one word mantras and intentions in my journal. So I pulled out my list and picked 12 that I wanted to use to guide my creative journey. I picked a few colors that I wanted to use on all the cards and started painting. Each card is different, but look like they belong together.

These are super easy to make! Cut a piece of card stock into card measuring 2.5 by 3 inches. Paint each one and add an intention. I chose to stick with one word mantra, but you could expand on them. Do these however it feels natural to you! And please share them when you’re finished. I would love to see them.